Word Art exhibition book jacket

An exhibition book of the works included in the show includes original essays and interviews with the artists. These interviews reveal the ways in which the artists, designers and writers exhibited have brought art and language together and why both media are crucial to their practice, revealing the theme of Word Art to be more than an aesthetic vocabulary, but rather a mode of creative thinking. Explaining how they have reflected on European identity in their work, in line with the brief for the show, the artists also reveal the issues inherent in defining any holistic or satisfactory notion of ‘identity’. By setting out the thought processes behind their work and the mechanics of their craft , the interviews test notions of art and identity to their limits.

The publication features an original essay about the exhibition by distinguished writer and curator Dr Glenn Adamson and eleven interviews by emerging writers on art and design currently or formerly MA candidates in the History of Design or Critical Writing at the Royal College of Art. It will be available at the exhibition and at selected stockists thereafter.

Edited by
Priya Khanchandani

Designed by
Pedro Pina

Interviews by
Natasha Awais-Dean
Carys Bailey
Abigail Doran
Charmian Griffin
Priya Khanchandani
Kajal Meghani
Jennifer Wong