Our gorgeous publication Word Art is now on sale at £3! Email priya@wordartcollective.com to get your hands on one. pic.twitter.com/NsxrozNu

The Word Art Collective is a non-profit arts initiative established by a group of curators and writers based in London supported by the European Commission and Hoxton Arches.

Inspired by a passion for the visual arts and the power of words, we are curating an exhibition
of work by exceptional emerging artists that will promote the sharing of ideas between European cultures and the rich plurality of language throughout the continent.
The exhibition will be held from 21 November
to 8 December 2012 inclusive at Hoxton Arches, London. It will be open to the public free
of charge and accompanied by a book and
events programme.
If you are an artist based anywhere in Europe find out here how you can submit your digital art to be considered for the exhibition and for our prize.