NEWS 20th November 2012


From the drilling of holes into the railway arch to the placing of captions, it has been a fruitful weekend in the gallery with the exhibiting artists to install their works and everyone has worked hard to bring the show together. From sound installation to film, sculpture to painting, the show spans a variety deal of media. Each of the artists’ work presented a different challenge when it came to exhibiting it. When presenting sounds, where the aural prevails over the visual, positioning is everything, while for installations, balancing the artwork itself with the space of interaction was crucial. For the artists it was about getting to know the gallery and adapting their work accordingly for display. One artist has even spent about twenty hours in situ creating a new piece from scratch tailored especially to our space.

And so Finally we are here. Eleven works have found there home at Hoxton Arches for the next three weeks and the exhibition is ready to open to the public tomorrow, on 21 November from 11am. All that’s left now is to pick up the book from the printers.

NEWS 14th November 2012


Yun Yu is a Chinese graphic designer and artist who currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a Master of Fine Arts with a specialism in Storytelling (graphic design and illustration) from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Yun works in a wide range of disciplines from the cultural and design fields. She describes herself as a graphic designer sometimes working on ‘other matters.’

Her piece for the word art exhibition entitled ‘A Flag For Elsewhere’ deconstructs the EU flag in a very thought provoking manner using the stars as asterisks.

When discussing her decision to take part in the exhibition, Yun explained,

‘I had never done anything along the lines of European identity before, but I was inspired by being a foreigner in Europe and having a feeling of alienation.’


NEWS 2nd November 2012


Born to German and Swiss parents, Nicole Bachmann has grown up around different languages and cultures. Inspired by her upbringing, she works across languages, with text, speech and voice.

Bachmann studied in both Zurich and London and her work takes a particular focus on audience interaction. Her especially commissioned piece for the Word Art Collective’s exhibition enables the audience to interact with it and leads them to question whether they are a spectator or a participant in the work.


NEWS 1st November 2012


Coutts Cowley Manor Arts Award winner, Wonwoo Lee, has been living in London for the past two years whilst completing an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art.

Before studying sculpture, Wonwoo was part of a performance group in Korea; and this is where his interest in installations stems from.

Inspired by architecture and Auguste Rodin’s, Gates of Hell, his piece for the exhibition embeds language into metalwork to explore ideas of space and the physical traps which exist in our minds.

NEWS 31st October 2012



There’s not much too say about our next artist. He (or she?) is a graffiti artist, you see, so incognito is the name of the game.

The elusive Mobstr hails from Newcastle, as far as we know, and is being given free reign to create a new mural on one of our gallery walls.

What will be the result? Come to the exhibition and find out, all we know is that it’s called ‘HMMM YES’.

We asked Mobstr if they had something to say about European identity through their work and the response was:

‘I paint on walls in Europe.’

Ever the joker this one.


NEWS 30 October 2012


Daria Makarenko is a talented ceramic sculptor from Russia who has studied at Konstfack in Sweden and now resides in St. Petersburg. In her work, she takes inspiration from street art as well as more traditional art forms and has experimented with the ways in which the two can work together.

Daria’s series of ceramic pieces for the Word Art Collective, made especially for the show, are influenced by a previous street installation she created in Sweden. They incorporate language by displaying contemplative phrases in relief. It should be interesting to see these works function in a gallery setting for the first time.

When we asked Daria about the relationship between language and image, she told the Word Art Collective:

‘Text alone can also be described as art, but I want to emphasise the role of the object and its balance with the text.’

You can read the rest of the interview in the exhibition book, which will be available at the exhibition as of 21 November.

NEWS 29 October 2012


Represented by WW Gallery, Sadie Hennessy is a visual aritst who regularly works with words as a springboard for visual ideas. A self-confessed feminist, her work often deals with issues of female identity, inspired by images of women from the ‘50s. During an MA at Central St Martins to pursue her passion, after a previous career in TV, Sadie discovered printmaking as her preferred media.

Her longstanding interest in souvenirs led to the realisation of the pieces she will be exhibiting at the Word Art Collective’ exhibition. A satirical twist the traditional postcard, they explore the theme of suicide, which Sadie reflects on by playing on our fixed ideas of the grandiose bridge in an idyllic European setting.


NEWS 26 October 2012


Our next exhibiting artist is Matthew Raw; who has always been interested in practicing in three dimensions; and so his relationship with ceramics was always meant to be.

He graduated from the RCA in 2010 but previously held a residency at the ceramics research centre in Denmark. His piece for the Wort Art Collective’s exhibition uses the technique of extruding and explores the complications of understanding language, particularly for Asylum Seekers in London.

Matthew’s work reveals his interest in the attraction of London as a melting pot destination for people from different backgrounds.


NEWS 25 October 2012


As his career as an artist has developed, through university, collaborations and travelling, our artist of the day, Tom Crawford has become more and more focused on exploring British political and social themes through his work.

Tom works in a variety of media to realise his artistic endeavours, which often draw on issues of class and neoliberalism. His thought-provoking piece for the Word Art Collective explores football hooliganism in the seventies and eighties and the sense of tribalism and violent identity that went with it.

‘My main concern was with the function of art, what we expect it to do and how commerce interrupts or enables it – enabling in the sense that it allows a section of art to be made.’

We won’t give away too much more here; come and see our upcoming exhibition to find out more.

NEWS 24 October 2012


Courttia Newland, a critically acclaimed London based novelist and Kofi Allen, a visual artist who has shown at the National Portrait Gallery, have collaborated especially for the Word Art Collective’s inaugural show.

Influenced by each others’ mediums throughout their work, Courttia has written a piece of flash fiction to accompany Kofi’s photograph, which captures a scene at Notting Hill Carnival.

This collaborative work is a harsh commentary on the power relationship between the police and the revellers at this year’s festival. It will be unveiled to the public at our exhibition starting 21 November at Hoxton Arches.

See here for more information:


NEWS 23 October 2012


Today, we begin a series of updates to unveil a little bit about each of the Word Art Collective artists. Keep watching this space to find out who will be exhibiting at our exhibition fusing art and language at Hoxton Arches.(


The first is Nick Hayes, a London based writer and illustrator who has published a graphic novel and draws political cartoons for the Guardian.

Hayes’ work focuses on mankind’s relationship to his environment, how he shapes it, and how he is shaped by it. His piece for the word art collective exhibition uses ancient Pictish letters to explore the complex relationship between image and language and show how one cannot be understood without comprehending the other

‘Words are images, in that they are signifiers of an emotion or a thought,’ he told us, reflecting on the way he moves between language and illustration.

His interview for the Word Art Collective’s exhibition book will be launched at the exhibition.

NEWS 27 September 2012


We have received lots of interest and are inundated with high calibre submissions so we are now looking at them and will get back to you soon.

Don’t forget to put the dates for the exhibition in your diary in the meantime! See our Exhibition page for details as to when and where.

Thank you very much for your interest.

The Word Art Collective