We are inviting artists based throughout Europe to submit a piece of digital artwork to be shown at our exhibition, inspired by a saying or aphorism in their local language.

This could be video art, photography, animation, sound art or any other digital based format. A selection of works submitted will be shown in a digital format on our website and an edited reel of the best entries will also be included in our final show.

A €300 prize will be awarded to the artist whose digital work best embodies the spirit of the relationship between words, image and European identity.

The winning entry will be selected by a panel of judges from the Word Art Collective, chaired by Dr Glenn Adamson, Head of Research at the Victoria & Albert Museum and experienced curator of contemporary art and design.

If you are an artist or designer based in the E.U. and would like your digital work to be considered for our exhibition, please send your work to us at: info@wordartcollective.com. Alternatively, please send us a link to an external website or folder. We welcome entries around two to four minutes in length.

Should your work be selected for inclusion in the exhibition you will be responsible for the cost of sending it to us and will be responsible for the cost of return to your address.

When you send us your entry, please include your name, address, a few lines about yourself and the text of the saying or aphorism that inspired your work in your local language, as well as a translation into English if possible.

The deadline for entries is 27 September 2012 but please contact us earlier if you are preparing a submission.

The Word Art Collective looks forward to hearing from you.

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